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Textbook Rentals Save up to 90% when you rent new & used textbooks!

Benefits of Renting Textbooks

  1. It’s cheap! Save hundreds of rupees each semester.
  2. Choose a due date that fits your schedule.
  3. Free shipping on eligible orders. (Shown at the time of order)
  4. Return shipping is easy.

Why Rent College Textbooks Online?

Advantages of Textbook Rental

  • Lower Cost
  • Convenience
  • Extensions Allow Flexibility for Returns
  • Avoid Collecting “Outdated” Books

How to Rent Textbooks

  1. Search for your textbook. Search by ISBN to make sure you find the correct textbook.
  2. Compare Used, New, & Rental prices. You can also compare textbook prices from other sellers on our marketplace.
  3. Choose your rental term. We offer 3 rental terms to choose from; quarter, semester, and short-term.
  4. Create your account. Create your new account or log in here.
  5. Complete your checkout.
  6. Inspect your textbooks upon arrival. Since there is a good chance someone else has rented the same book before you, we suggest inspecting your new textbook for damage. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, let us know and will send you a replacement for free.
  7. Use your rental. We allow some highlighting (up to 1/3 of the book) and writing in the book, but be careful. We do charge for excessive damages that make the book unable to be rented again.
  8. Return your rental. You can return the book in any ordinary box, such as a shoebox. We will provide return shipping labels.
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